About me…
My name is Tiina Rämet and I am a photographer, UX Designer from Oulu, Finland. In February I took a huge leap and started my own photogprahy and UX design business. Woop woop!
Those of you who are regulars on my blog might remember that this was something I was only dreaming of while having a dayjob in a big company.
I am both excited and terrified with this new path of mine. You all have encouraged me with your lovely comments and visits to my blog, thank you!
If you are new here, I am so happy you stopped by to check out my blog! I created it to share some photographs and a somewhere to refer to when someone asks to see my work.
I am not big on writing (hence the photo theme), but your comments and questions are more than welcom :)
As you can see there is no one theme in what I post, just some random photos of what ever got in front of my lense. I also love playing with edits. I sure have fun creating these images, I hope there is something in them for you as well.