Arctic circle-ish

Photography by Tiina Rämet


  1. Sreejith Nair

    Wow… you have this nice little plant in your place, Tiina ?

    This small fruit has a special place in our childhood memories, and it has got a lovely name in my language “Motambli” :)

    This is really a special image for me, thanks a lot Tiina :)

    • .Tiina

      Thank you :) No I don’t have this plant. I don’t think it would survive here in the north. I bought them from the store :) Your name for it is nice. Here we mostly call it ananaskirsikka.

      • Sreejith Nair

        The ripened little fruit tastes a bit sour and sweet, right?

        My friend has been living in Finland for some 10 years and he used to tell me there are some really interesting similarities in food.

        Hope to explore the land of Northern Light once :)

      • .Tiina

        Yes, sour and sweet :) The seasons in Finland are so different from each other, but I guess your friend has told you that. Today we are having a first blizzard. Snow brings light to this otherwise really dark time of the year :)
        I hope you have a chance to visit!

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